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Help us keep our records current

If you were unable to attend a service during our 2016 campaign you can still provide us with your information by using one of the following methods:

  • Stop by the church office and pick up a form.  We only need one per family.  Fill it out and return it to the church.
  • Use the following link to access the form:  2016 stewardship program form.pdf – print it and return it to the church.


Had a change to your contact information?

Use the following link to access our update form:  online change of information form.pdf

Phone:   780-458-8355

Web Site:



Spring Stewardship Letter:


We are now in the season of Easter according to the liturgical calendar. This season from Easter Sunday to Pentecost is a time to celebrate Resurrection – not just the Risen Christ but all forms of new life and renewed energy.

At St. Albert United Church we have so much to celebrate!

During this program year we have embraced improving relationships with our Interfaith Neighbours and the First Nations community.  Better relationships develop with better understanding, and improved understanding comes from increased knowledge. The programs we have co-sponsored with the Intercultural Dialogue Institute of Edmonton have been an opportunity to show that we have more in common than we have differences. Our focus on Moving Forward with Reconciliation as a follow up to the Truth and Reconciliation report has been spearheaded by Marilyn McSporran and Kay Douglas. For their passionate work in this area, these ladies are being honored with the S.A.G.E. Award for Social Justice for 2017.  

St Albert United Church is also one of the partners of the Community Refugee Committee of St. Albert, demonstrating how individuals and service clubs can get together in unprecedented effort to rally around a worthwhile cause. This is social justice in action. It is the leadership which people expect from the United Church of Canada when they donate their dollars.

Our ministry to Children and Youth has continued to flourish this year under the capable lay leadership of our congregation.  Although the program year concludes with a celebration on May 14, the ministry continues.  St. Albert United Church will have an open Sunday Program during the month of June and a Day Camp for the whole community in July with Amy Bautista providing leadership. Watch for more details about these programs.

Using a new data base program, Servant Keeper, the Stewardship Committee has updated much of the information about the congregation. If you have not had an opportunity to fill out an updated information form, please get in touch with the church office or Kathy Hutchinson. Since data is only valid if it is current, please inform the office of any changes to your address, email or phone numbers.

These visible signs of new life are only possible if they are supported by many people.  Thank you to everyone who has worked the various committees or taken a role in a short term project.  We especially want to thank the Church Council.   At the Annual General Meeting on June 11, we will elect a new Council for 2017-2018 year.  There are two vacancies on the council and we need to elect a recording Secretary to the Council from within the congregation.  Also, there are people who have served on various committees who would like to explore new opportunities within the life of the church.  Please look at your gifts and passions, and then prayerfully consider where you can give some time to further the Mission of St. Albert United Church.

Since October, the Joint Needs Assessment Committee has been working to determine a staffing configuration for St. Albert United Church that will allow us to carry out our Mission and that we can afford.  Their work is almost completed. A Lay Representative from Edmonton Presbytery, Bill Calder from Sherwood Park United Church has joined the team. The next step in the process is for the congregation to receive their recommendation at a Congregational Meeting.  The members of the congregation will then decide to accept or reject this recommendation.  This decision will be forwarded to Edmonton Presbytery.  If the result is that Presbytery declares a vacancy, the next step is to form a new committee – a Joint Search Committee.  This committee will then look to fill the vacant position.

God bless you and thank you for your support of this vibrant faith community.


The Stewardship team


A message from our Minister:

Dear folks of St. Albert United Church,

The Stewardship Committee have put together this great newsletter to update the vibrant activity of our congregation over the past year. This committee which itself was redefined with a new mandate this past year has taken up their duties with vigour and excellence. Thank you to them all.

All I really want to add to this update is a sincere thank you to everyone in the congregation for your support of me personally in the current solo ministry position and for your support of our entire community of faith as you have stepped up to take on extra responsibilities since the beginning of October. All your care and efforts are noticed and very much appreciated. Thank you!


Rev. Mervin Gallant



The easiest and most efficient way to donate money to the church is by using the PAR system.  This allows for an automatic donation each month to be made to the church – no need to write cheques or worry about having cash on hand on Sundays. 

If you would like to donate money to the church using the PAR system please use the following link to access the form.  Print and complete it and return it to the church.    PAR


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