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 The Outreach Committee raises awareness in the congregation about social issues and responds to needs in the local and global community.


Each year the Outrach Committee organizes the White Gift Sunday service followed by Cookies and Apple Cider in the Friendship Hall.

White Gift Sunday is celebrated on the Second Sunday of Advent. It is an opportunity to help support people in need in Edmotnon's inner city, especially those who are homeless. Items to bring include: 

Razors, shaving soap, deodorant (men and women)

Shampoo and conditioner

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, lip balm

Feminine hygiene products

Soap/bath oil sets, make-up

New brushes, combs,

Baby clothes, toys, bottles, soothers, diapers, etc.

Small packages of coffee/tea placed in a mug

Playing cards

Men's and women's underwear

Warm gloves, toques, scarves

Work socks, warm gloves, hand warmers

Towells and face cloths


The Cider and Cookies time is a fundraiser for "No Room in the Inn," an annual initiative coordinated by the Edmonton and District Council of Churches to help raise funds for housing projects. A different project is designated each year.  


REFUGEES: St. Albert United Church has been working with Trinity United Church and the Moravian Church to co-sponsor a Somaili family who were living in a camp in Ethiopia. Nieces and nephews of Sahra Hassan who has lived in Canada for over 25 years, these orphaned children were living with their grandmorther and uncle. Of seven children, we were able to bring the 5 youngest to Canada: We are still trying to bring other family members. 


 Do you wonder where Mission and Service Fund contributions go?


 f you would like more information about Outreach activities please contact Percy Zalasky at 780-458-1481 or watch for updates in the Grapevine. 


In addition to formal community and global justice work through the SAGE Committee, many St. Albert United Church folk get invloved in the work of justice and caring for others through other organizations. Many people connect to "Friendship Force International," a non-profit organization rooted in the belief that a world of friends is a world at peace. For more information see   In addition, members of the congregation help seniors through the "Meals on Wheels" program. You can volunteer through the St. Albert Senior Citizen's Club:



“The arc of the world is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Martin Luther King Jr.